European Moves
Local, national & international
removals since 1950

Starting a new chapter in Europe should be something to look forward to – but organising a major relocation can be difficult. We’ll ensure the transition goes smoothly by co-ordinating every part of your move.

Packing, storage, transportation, unpacking services

Vehicles fully fitted with GPS tracking and air-cushioned suspension

Over 75 years experience in European removals


Experienced, reliable, fully trained movers

Part loads available on request (for smaller moves)

Breakage-free removals
When you get to your new home, the last thing you want is broken belongings. So how do we ensure that your possessions arrive in one piece?

  • Professional packing. As an optional extra, our experienced movers will pack your belongings using professional packing materials and techniques. Or if you prefer, we can provide you with everything you need to do the packing yourself.
  • Super-stable transport. Our purpose-built lorries are specially fitted with air cushioning that minimizes movement inside.

Reliable GPS tracking
Want to know where your removal lorries are? No problem. Our European removal lorries are fully fitted with GPS tracking, and we can supply you with the vehicle’s exact location at your request.

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